Board of directors

President:  Alicia Rawnsley

Clerk:  Open

Treasurer:  Oliver Brown

Director:  Marylou Dower

Director:  Ruth Coppelin

Director:  Jane Collins

Director:  Suzanne McCarthy

Director:  Mark Zink

Director:  Michelle Rybicki


Foundation History



To enable developmentally challenged adults (18+) to cultivate their social skills and enjoy social activities with their peers in an informal, fun atmosphere in the Merrimack Valley / North Shore area.


To provide social activities where members can keep in touch with friends and make new ones.  Also offers individuals the opportunity for self expression, acceptance and a place to share their experiences as well as have fun on a more personal level.

1972 - Horizon Club is founded with six members.

1982 - Horizon Clubs is incorporated as a    501 © (3) organization.

2013 - Horizon Club grows to service more than 100 members in the Merrimack Valley / North Shore area