​​Additional Event Information:

- Doors  open at 6:00 pm  PLEASE DO NOT COME EARLY!

-  Door close at 8:00 pm   Please ensure you have a ride no later than 7:55 pm.  Do not come to Horizon Club on any night you do not have a safe way home.

 If Newburyport schools OR 
OPP Shop (Opportunity works) is closed --  No Horizon Club.  Closing will be posted on Facebook.

- MEMBERSHIP is by dues for residents of Newburyport, Amesbury, Salisbury West Newbury, Haverhill Merrimac and Georgetown ( 18 and older).

- $25 per Semester  (Fall semester paid in September)  (Spring Semester paid in January)
- Please have new emergency form filled out ( even if you gave us one last year)

- Horizon Club provides an opportunity for individuals from the area to meet and participate in activities and have an evening of fun and fellowship.  Staff or family members are requested to join us if there are concerns around supervision of any individual(s) they are supporting. 

- Cans of soda are available at $1  each; ice water/decaf coffee and snacks are free.
- Ruth Copelin-Temperino - Program Director  978-973-2622

- Hope Dwan - Back up Director  978-388-9518

3/16/2020 - The Horizon Club Is Closed Until Further Notice due to the Coronavirus.  Check back here to see when we will re-open.

2020 Spring Schedule

     5 - Bingo
    12 - Valentine’s Day Party
    19 - Music by Mike Driscoll
    26 - Billy Glenn Band


     4 - DJ Nancy Sweeney
    11 - DJ Brian Rutherford
    18 - No Program due to Coronavirus
    25 - No Program due to Coronavirus

       1 - TBD due to Coronavirus - DJ Nancy Sweeney
       8 - TBD due to Coronavirus - Billy Glenn Band
     15 - TBD due to Coronavirus - Music by Mike Driscoll
     22 - TBD due to Coronavirus - Horizon Club Fashion Show with Nancy Sweeney
     29 - DJ Brian Rutherford


     6 - Music by Mike Driscoll

    13 - DJ Brian Rutherford
    20 - Horizon Club Fashion Show with Nancy Sweeney
    27 - Sing along with Mickey!  Last Gathering of the Season